Marta Serrano Ortega

Marta Serrano Ortega

Compositora y estilista sonora.

Marta Serrano Ortega is a composer and sound stylist who has made the following artistic sound performances: “Lost Drops” and “Water Cycles”.


Opening Madrid Gallery Weekend

12 Sep
5 - 10 pm

Invernadero The Sibarist

11 San Lorenzo St.

“It is a long road —as long as the one of a river into the sea— that has brought this project into my life.

As long as five years hearing the fallen drops, these ones and thousands others more, all day and all night long. First on my windowsill, later on the courtyard, eroding and rusting it. They are the wasted drops of any neighbourg’s pot. Monotonous drops, like a clock, always telling me that time goes by and water runs out. And it is now when Destiny brings to my life the About Water exhibition where this waterdrop finds its natural course“.

We all are share the same mindset, the same desire of a new begining. And for this reason, and many more, all the past gains a new sense. Because all together, drop by drop, we can create a ocean of conscience.

“Lost Drops”: Sound instalation. Recording of acustic drops.

“Water Cycles”: Composition inspired by water cycles and piano studio by Sergei Rajmaninov.