“Del arte al objeto y del objeto al arte”

“Del arte al objeto y del objeto al arte”

From: 21 Feb 22 Until: 26 Feb 22
De 11h a 19h

Invernadero The Sibarist

11 San Lorenzo St.


ART U READY returns during ARCO week with a new show, “Del arte al objeto y del objeto al arte”, an exhibition project by the artistic duo ELIURPI. It is also their fashion label, formed by Elisabet Urpí and Nacho Umpiérrez, under which they create iconic pieces considered “useful art” in the form of hats. In this exhibition they propose to blur the existing boundaries between design and art by exploring and delving into their most artistic facet. Their work is a story of honest beauty.

With this exhibition ART U READY vindicates the value of artistic transversality. Architecture, design and art intermingle, incorporating craftsmanship as a vehicle that gives voice to artistic expression and creation.

This is the first exhibition by ELIURPI, in which we can immerse ourselves in his universe of shapes, materials and textures composed of unique artworks created for the exhibition, both pictorial and sculptural and limited edition objects curated by ART U READY.

The exhibition will be closed on Sunday.