“Retratos circulares”

“Retratos circulares”

From: 21 Feb 23 Until: 26 Feb 23
De 11h a 19h

Secret location

Barrio de Salamanca


Art U Ready returns for the seventh year at the most important art week in Madrid, ARCO, with the artistic duo Eliurpi. The exhibition “Retratoos circulares” will be held in a signature home of our real estate portfolio (Salamanca neighbourhood) from 21 to 26 February. It will be open by appointment, with limited capacity. Register at or follow this link.

“Retratos circulares” delves into the more intimate side of ELIURPI and his journey to date. It echoes on the one hand his new artistic production and also the presentation of his book “ELIURPI”, which pays tribute to his iconic hats, which are the protagonists and origin of his story. Her hats are a statement of intent, an affirmation of ourselves, a reflection of principles, a belonging, an attitude, an aspirational way of being in the world that speaks of authenticity with which they have infected and inspired clients and collectors all over the world for more than a decade.

With this exhibition ART U READY puts the focus on the search for the essential within us as opposed to the urgency of the superfluous. On the importance of the connection with the innermost self, with what we do not see, with what sustains us to find a better version of ourselves. The essential of each one of us as a value. This exhibition takes us to that search through art, craftsmanship and another way of creating, that of ELIURPI.

In this way it will be possible to get to know both the work and the artists, who will accompany us throughout the week, in an intimate and very personal way.