Saint Blaise

Saint Blaise

From: 28 Sep 23 Until: 05 Oct 23
De 11:00h a 19:00h

Invernadero The Sibarist

11 San Lorenzo St.

Through photography, drawing, collage, sculpture, painting… the artists show us their perception and interpretation of the peripheries. Fernando Barrios Benavides is known by an abstraction with a narrative, through sculptures and sometimes collage painting that combines different materials, techniques and materials. Raúl Bravo makes drawings and quick sketches in his urban drifts, collages in the manner of an artist’s book. Yuri Pol, through photography, brings us social instants, human landscapes, empty territories, but also poetic images of greater abstraction.

ART U READY presents Saint Blaise, an exhibition curated by Asun Rodríguez Montejano with urbanism as the focus from the point of view of a group of transversal artists committed to architecture and the city.

This first exhibition explores the first urban peripheries of the big cities (1950s-1960s-1970s), spaces that were once innovative and experimental at the urban and residential level, which gave shelter to huge contingents of people in search of better job prospects and quality of life. Framed in processes of practically generalised deterioration and inefficiency, they represent the opportunity to carry out a truly transformative action of the urban and social space, from the experimentation of new techniques and the exercise of alliances, claiming a return to thought and innovation in the collective re-construction of the city.

To this end, we propose the gaze of different creators who usually travel the urban peripheries as part of their artistic and vital practice. From an unconscious will, they choose a part, a theme, a way of approaching it,… they question it or reimagine it and give us back a plastic exercise that is executed from different places. This exhibition is inspired by Saint Blaise, an imaginary neighbourhood in search of an imaginary; a socially and physically deteriorated place on the verge of undergoing major improvements… we shall see.

Aspects such as deterioration, people, loneliness and affections, routine, spaces and architectures, routes, materials, places… capture the artist’s interest, as well as their representation.