Jaime Abaurre

Jaime Abaurre


Minimalist, light, conceptual, the elegance of his pieces lies in the simplicity of his strokes. Jaime is a transversal artist whose work brings together all his references and concerns, from his family, with his great-grandfather poet as first allusion, his grandfather architect and designer and his father photographer, to the people he meets every day, because what Jaime likes and inspires him is mainly people and all their faces.



The activist viewer

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A metaphor through an imaginary world of the human mind and heart. Everything is a fortuitous game that escapes our control and in which we can only enter through acceptance. Existential unease where we also glimpse hope and the possible escape routes that we are capable of devising, perhaps in the form of imaginary paradises.

A constant emotional drive that is glimpsed through an elegant visual poetics, symbolic, balanced and complex. The work of Javier Guijarro Fayard is an extraordinary exercise of empathy with the concerns of the psyche, which through graphic and figurative mechanisms, acquires its own very personal style. A micro-world that becomes universal.

Invernadero The Sibarist

San Lorenzo, 11

Jaime Abaurre (Seville, 1987) is a Spanish artist, designer, painter and sculptor of international renown.

He has lived in cities such as Sydney, Rio de Janeiro and London, which has contributed to enrich his imaginary. With a degree in Advertising from the University of Wales, drawing has always been part of him and from there he develops his artistic work, which finds in ceramics, wood or steel other forms of expression and volumes.