The activist viewer

The activist viewer

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Invernadero The Sibarist

San Lorenzo, 11

A metaphor through an imaginary world of the human mind and heart. Everything is a fortuitous game that escapes our control and in which we can only enter through acceptance. Existential unease where we also glimpse hope and the possible escape routes that we are capable of devising, perhaps in the form of imaginary paradises.

A constant emotional drive that is glimpsed through an elegant visual poetics, symbolic, balanced and complex. The work of Javier Guijarro Fayard is an extraordinary exercise of empathy with the concerns of the psyche, which through graphic and figurative mechanisms, acquires its own very personal style. A micro-world that becomes universal.

Jaime Abaurre

ART U READY returns during the week of ARCO for the eighth year, presenting the first solo exhibition of Sevillian artist Jaime Abaurre (1987), in Madrid. The axis of his work is based on drawing and from there he assaults other disciplines such as ceramics, sculpture and furniture design, in which he manages to leave the characteristic mark of his stroke. His work is intrepid, brazen and vividly cheerful. Trained as a publicist, Jaime Abaurre has always drawn and art has been in his life for as long as he can remember. Great-grandson of a poet, grandson of an architect and designer, and son of a photographer. Jaime’s world is aesthetic as an acquired natural result and this can be appreciated in his work, balanced, light, with proportionate chromatics, minimalist and conceptual. The elegance of his lines that create human figures in the form of portraits stands out.

Jaime “shows his face” in the art world after the pandemic, after years of doing commissions for people around him, he decides that the time has come when he wants to devote himself fully to this profession and under the name “Más cara que espalda” he boldly bursts into the art scene. Behind this decision there is modesty, respect for the medium and a lot of humor with a good dose of irony.