The activist viewer

The activist viewer

From: 04 Mar 24 Until: 09 Mar 24
De 11:00h a 19:00h

Invernadero The Sibarist

11 San Lorenzo St.

Una metáfora a través de un mundo imaginario de la mente y del corazón humano. Todo es un juego fortuito que se escapa a nuestro control y en el que solo podemos entrar a través de la aceptación. Desazón existencial donde también se atisba esperanza y las posibles vías de escape que somos capaces de idear, tal vez en forma de paraísos imaginarios.

Una pulsión emocional constante que se deja entrever a través de una elegante poética visual, simbólica, equilibrada y compleja. La obra de Javier Guijarro Fayard es un ejercicio extraordinario de empatía con las inquietudes de la psique, que a través de mecanismos gráficos y figurados, adquiere un estilo propio y muy personal. Un micromundo que se hace universal.

Jaime Abaurre

ART U READY presents the first solo exhibition of Javier Guijarro. An emotional pulse of the human psyche through architecture and the digital.

Based on planimetries developed with digital techniques, the work transports us to poetic imaginary micro-worlds of extraordinary visual beauty that invite us to explore the concerns of human nature with its ambiguities and contradictions. His work is full of hieroglyphs, symbolisms and enigmas.

After two decades dedicated to research and artistic creation using digital techniques, we will be able to see for the first time his fantastic landscapes and dreamlike universes with infinite readings. We will find everyday objects that repeat themselves, automatisms, machines in movement that remind us of the mechanism of a clock, or music boxes. His compositions invite us to dive into a fascinating unconscious loop, full of symbolism.

His work plays with us again and again. Metaphysical spaces that remind us of the paintings of Giorgio de Chirico, the illusory places of Piranesi’s engravings or the impossible perspectives of Escher. Organs and mechanical artefacts which, when assembled, simulate a body. A half-machine, half-human automaton awaiting decipherment, with clear references to Cyberpunk. Javier Guijarro will present two collections of 12 drawings respectively, one accompanied by NFTs, which will complement each work as an indivisible part of the artistic piece and with which he manages to mimic us even more in his infinite sequence.